Our Story


Passionate globetrotters, excited to bring delectable coffee varieties to our clients. We create our own blends for your unique personal experience

Ascoli Espresso

We believe enjoying cup of java is beyond what's in your cup. It's the whole experience, starting with bringing a smile to your face from the fresh coffee aroma, the friendly barista treating you like a family, to the opportunity to taste new and exciting blends to suit anyone's taste.


We have been serving caffè to our client in the Seattle business district clients for over 16 years. We pride ourselves to be part of the community striving to know everyone's favorite drink by heart and even remembering client's names. Having had solid experience and knowledge of the vibrant Seattle market, many caffè aficionados are benefiting from our freshly brewed coffee served with friendly smile. We believe that the perfect caffè is only right when we see the client smile or simply say "thanks". Come and enjoy the aroma!


Dobrin, the owner, started coffee beans trading in 2012, growing it to be successful business with key coffee growers in Australia, Indonesia. Vietnam, Colombia etc. Working closely with indigenous coffee growers, he developed over dozen blends for distribution across the world. Family before the business is key motto of the business, supporting local talent and treating staff with dignity. Proud to have been a part of the triving coffee retailers bringing exciting coffee blends to the Seattle aficionados and now, embarking on a new opportunity to expand his business in the downtown Salt Lake City business district. These are exciting times!

Get to know us

Our coffee shop has a great team of people who share a love of great coffee. We will make you feel welcome.


Global citizen with a passion for coffee, making people smile and enjoying balanced life in the Evergreen State. An optimist by nature and realist by heart


Over 16 years serving thousands of cups of java to all coffee connoisseurs. Your friendly local neighborhood barista ready to make you fresh aromatic cup to start your day